Innovative to the construction industry and true problem-solvers at heart, VaproShield has set out to put an end to water and moisture damage from its inception.

Using frog’s skin as their inspiration, VaproShield has been able to create a similar permeable barrier that is also water or moisture-proof. 

Today, VaproShield is proud to continue pushing the envelope (no, literally) when it comes to buildings and ensuring a reliable and long-lasting product for its customers. See how VaproShield, through Solomon Construction Group, can help you solve any barrier, moisture or building envelope problems! 

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Canshield SA (Made for Canada)

Are you looking for a reliable product to ensure membrane adhesion on your construction project?

Look no further than CanShield SA! CanShield VP’s aggressive adhesive is specially formulated for use on multiple substrates, including plywood, OSB, gypsum sheathing, concrete and steel. It can even be installed in below-freezing temperatures – no primer required!

Plus, it has a six-month climate exposure before cladding installation, so you can rest assured that it will perform as expected. Trusted by professionals, CanShield SA is the perfect solution for your next project.


Blockshield SA

Are you looking to keep your construction project watertight?

Look no further than BlockShield SA! This innovative product creates a barrier against moisture infiltration, making it ideal for use in rainscreen assemblies. Trust BlockShield SA to deliver superior performance and peace of mind. Perfect for the home or office. 


RevealShield SA & IT

The perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

RevealShield SA is the latest innovation in adhesive technology, requiring no primers and able to adhere to virtually any substrate. 

SlopeShield Plus

Are you looking for a high-quality product to protect your investment and ensure a long-lasting result?

Look no further than SlopeShield Plus Self-Adhered. With its high drying capacity and black coloration, SlopeShield Plus Self-Adhered accelerates the drying process of the underlying materials - ensuring a robust and reliable product that will stand the test of time.

PanelShield SA

PanelShield SA is the perfect solution for panelization and modular construction.

Its aggressive adhesive is designed to withstand aggressive construction handling and cross-country transport and withstand 12 months of exposure. 

PanelShield SA

WrapShield SA® Self-Adhered

WrapShield SA® Self-Adhered helps to reduce expensive moisture damage and saves energy for the life span of the building.

This is achieved by allowing vapour to pass through while restricting air or liquid water. WrapShield SA Self-Adhered is used above grade behind rain screen wall cladding assemblies, and its exceptional dying abilities help eliminate mould, rot, mildew and moisture infiltration. 

WrapShield SA Self-Adhered comes with an easy installation process and requires only basic tools; no specialized mobilizations or protective gear is needed. No additional preparation, and for most substrates, expect OSB, No primers are necessary for product installation.

WallShield IT Integrated Tape

WallShield IT Integrated Tape is a clear, integrated tape that seals horizontal seams, provides dependable building envelope protection, and is installed above grade behind a rain screen wall and cladding assemblies. It also comes with a pre-marked shingle template making the installation process more manageable and increasing accuracy.

WrapShield® RS Rain Screen

WrapShield RS Rain Screen drainage matrix (3mm or 7mm) maintains an unbeatable vertical drainage plane behind the cladding. 

It is made up of  multiple layers of spun-bonded polypropylene with clear, integrated horizontal tape and can be installed above grade behind wall cladding assemblies such as:

  • Wood siding
  • Metal siding
  • Masonry veneers
  • Stucco
  • Veneer stone
  • Mechanically


VaproMat is available in two depths: 3mm and 7mm. It consists of lightweight, hydrophobic polyester filter fabric with an attached polypropylene drainage matrix.

It is installed over VaproShield WRB/Air Barriers resulting in a positive drainage cavity behind the cladding, promoting high-speed drying of the building envelope.

Its many benefits include:

Speedy drying of the building envelope 
Filter backing keeps the drainage cavity clean during lath and plaster
Perfect match with stucco or stone
Affordable rain screen cavity for use with a variety of cladding choices 


VaproAirSeal is an air and water-tight sealant created to seal interior window openings.

It is durable in all climates and allows for +/- 50% joint movement. This product Improves the air and water tightness of fenestration systems by sealing the interior window frame to the window’s rough opening flashing.


VaproTape is a  singled-sided, aggressive sealing tape. It is UV stable, black in color and is used to stop water egress or air penetration on multiple surfaces and materials.

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